Tracy Casagrande Clancy is an American artist whose work is distinctive in its experimental layering of images. As an encaustic painter, fire is essential to Casagrande Clancy’s practice; it moves the paint and images to places that cannot be reached with a paintbrush alone.

Informed by her previous career as a Pediatric Grief Counselor, Casagrande Clancy uses art as a means to explore the interconnectedness in our wider world. Her unique perspective examines the influence of life and death among us, as evidenced in the tiniest details of our daily interactions.

In addition to her graduate-level counseling degree, Tracy also holds degrees in Social work and Fine Art. She began working as a full-time artist over 11 years ago when returning to art school, she was reacquainted with her “first love.”





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Tracysecondraw 2807 Edit scaled Tracy Casagrande Clancy Encaustic Mixed Media

Tracy works from her eighth floor studio at Pendleton Art Center (PAC) in Cincinnati, Ohio. A converted eight story shoe warehouse, PAC houses over 250 artists of various mediums.

Though primarily an encaustic painter, Tracy communicates through employing a combination of techniques in her layered mixed media work. Various processes including encaustic, cold wax, pastel, oil, and graphite help to convey her intended message. The universal element of heat, whether a blowtorch, heat gun or open fire, is a constant companion in Casagrande Clancy’s work.