Tracy Casagrande Clancy is an American artist whose work is distinctive in its experimental layering of images. As an encaustic painter, fire is essential to Casagrande Clancy’s practice; it moves the paint and images to places that cannot be reached with a paintbrush alone. Informed by her previous career as a Pediatric Grief Counselor, Casagrande Clancy uses art as a means to explore the interconnectedness in our wider world.

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Please visit me in my studio on the last Friday of every month or make an appointment to visit when it’s convenient for you.

Pendleton Art Center Final Friday Open Studios 

Studio 805 

1310 Pendleton Street
Cincinnati, OH
5 – 9pm Valet Parking Available

new series: collective memory

The pandemic lockdown provided the opportunity for me to contemplate the way that the forced time away stripped us of our superfluous commitments & identities, forcibly returning us to our most basic selves. I found myself shedding outdated ideas of who I thought I was and honing my true sense of self in preparing to re-enter the world anew.

Each bust is born forth replete with her own stories and distinct personalities. During their birth, each of them takes decidedly sharp directions with their emergence. They are named with these personalities in mind and to give you a little insight into their lives.  I hope you’ll be drawn into getting to know each of them.

vestiges of atomic love

This series explores the effect we have on one another when we love. Lovers, siblings, parents, children, friends– when we exchange love, we leave a lasting mark upon each other. Often, love is subtle and pain-free. Sometimes, it is catastrophic. Atomic. But always, love is indelible.

lost in thought

This series was inspired by “one of those days.” We all have them, The kind that we feel overwhelmed with information. I had far too much on my mind. As my mind filled with noisy personal clutter and the inundation of local and world news, I found myself seeking an “OFF” button. I needed something that could force out the overwhelming thoughts barraging my mind; the thoughts that had barged right in and taken a seat . The ones that made themselves at home. The ones that decided to run laps, just for fun. The thoughts that had overstayed their welcome. This series was born from making sense of those persistent thoughts.

Pendleton Art Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, Studio 805

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I work full-time at Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. My typical hours of operation are Monday through Friday 10am – 6 pm, though I often work outside of these hours. I am more than happy to schedule a private appointment to discuss current work or ideas for commission work. 

The 250+ artists of Pendleton Art Center, a 100,000 square foot warehouse, open their studios to the public on the last Friday of every month throughout the year. Please visit for a glimpse of our community. You will be stunned by the variety and depth of work under one roof.