new series: collective memory

This series was inspired by contemplating the multitude of layers from which we are constructed throughout our lives. As a woman, I was first a child of another woman. I then became a young woman, molded by experiences of youth, by those in my family, my school and my community. As I became a mother myself, I was continually layered by the weight of the responsibility of molding other lives. Sometimes I found myself discarding remnants of past experiences and lessons to guide my children in the best way I possibly could. 

As I enter mid-life, I am continually built up with more layers. The collective experiences through my life and also by all those with whom my life has intersected. We consist of layers and layers– built of people we have loved and lost; places we call home, both distant and intimate; words used in praise and criticism; and the highest and lows and sorrows and joys that make us who we are. 

This continual layering throughout our lives is indeed the goal, isn’t it? To reach our end with as many experiences, people and emotions as we can possibly encounter in our short journey on earth. 

Each bust has come to me full of stories and personality. As I create each one, they have taken decidedly sharp directions with their emergence. I have named them specifically with these personalities in mind and hope you’ll join me in getting to know each of them.

vestiges of atomic love

This series explores the effect we have on one another when we love. Lovers, siblings, parents, children, friends– when we exchange love, we leave a lasting mark upon each other. Often, love is subtle and pain-free. Sometimes, it is catastrophic. Atomic. But always, love is indelible.

lost in thought

This series was inspired by “one of those days.” We all have them, The kind that we feel overwhelmed with information. I had far too much on my mind. As my mind filled with noisy personal clutter and the inundation of local and world news, I found myself seeking an “OFF” button. I needed something that could force out the overwhelming thoughts barraging my mind; the thoughts that had barged right in and taken a seat. The ones that made themselves at home. The ones that decided to run laps, just for fun. The thoughts that had overstayed their welcome. This series was born from making sense of those persistent thoughts.