Collective Memory: Lucia


14H x 16.5W x 6.5D Encaustic Mixed Media Sculpture

Wired for Wall Hanging or can be displayed as Free-Standing

Plaster casting, encaustic/wax, collage, ink, graphite

Lucia is a study of contrasts. She is fiery and passionate and she is calm and contemplative. She loves spicy food and loud music and tango and humidity. And she also craves peace and quiet and tranquility and comfort. She reads astrology obsessively but holds a doctorate in mathematics. Lucia loves children and simultaneously pines for a brood and dreads sharing her life with another human. She is curvy in all the right places and even a few wrong ones too. Lucia loves Gregorian chants and the structure of high church service and yet curses worse than a sea-worn sailor, so she visits the confessional often. She might even hide a knife or two in her corset. Lucia lives to the edge of every day, balancing on her tippy toes to keep from breaching the precipice, while she looks over it and yearns to let go.


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Share this artwork with your friends!

Share this artwork with your friends!

additional info
Influenced by her experience as a Master’s-level pediatric grief counselor and social worker, Tracy Casagrande Clancy’s work examines the influence of life and death among us, as evidenced in the tiniest details of our daily interactions.
Tracy also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, which inspired the integration of her love of photography with the encaustic process, an ancient painting form that utilizes both hot and cold wax application. Her work includes sculptural studies on the human form which combine her love of layering materials and the human body in all its presentations.
Layered foundational photographic and written images are communicated in Tracy’s encaustic work by employing a combination of techniques. Tracy’s process can require months of incorporating materials including wax, chalk, collage, acrylic, crushed glass, metal, pastel and oil paints in order to achieve depth, texture and pattern in her finished pieces. Casagrande Clancy’s work evokes an ethereal sensibility, encouraging the viewer to look deeper than the surface might initially suggest.
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